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December Board Meeting Notes


  • Peter Hudson (Main Dock) will run for vice president of the FHA Board at the January 12 meeting. Other officers will run for re-election: President Michael Labate, Secretary Linda Sempliner and Treasurer Teddie Hathaway. FHA members are invited to submit additional nominations.

  • Pete will survey the defibrillators in the disaster response trailer and on the docks and will make recommendations for battery replacements and new locations within out community. Pete and Emergency Services chair Flo Hoylman will organize training sessions for anyone who would like to learn to use the defibrillators.

  • Pete will also distribute an inventory of the disaster response supplies to each dock rep and will review the contact list of people who can access the trailer on Gate 6 Road.

  • Melissa Pergerson conducted an informal survey of Van Damme Dock and found that residents agree with the FHA Board on their preference for an official name for the new park at Waldo Point: Charles Van Damme Park. Michael Labate will discuss this with WPH management.

  • The FHA Annual meeting will be conducted via Zoom on February 19, 2021. Membership chairs Lisa McNelley and Jill Sherman will make proposals for the meeting format at the January 12 Board meeting.

  • The Floating Times now has over 300 subscribers to its weekly email alerts, but some are still unconfirmed, due to ongoing email problems. Secretary Linda Sempliner is circulating dock rosters to all dock reps so they can be updated. When the update is completed, the alerts will be sent to everyone in the database, with an option to opt out of future weekly alerts.

  • Jen Gennari and Teddie Hathaway are working on a program to help sponsors prepare ads for the Floating Times and FHA website.

  • Jim Rettew (Liberty dock rep) and Jen will propose website upgrades using a new platform.

  • Membership renewal notices have been sent to all members. Jill and Lisa will generate monthly emails for expiring memberships, with a link to membership packet on the website.

  • Several docks have had Zoom emergency meetings. Flo will help with others, if needed.

  • Jen reported that work on the Gate 6 Intersection upgrade will be starting soon.

  • South 40 dock rep Michael Van Walt initiated a discussion of informational topics the Board might address in the Floating Times or perhaps in TED-talk type videos or webinars on the website. Subjects included barge maintenance, line tying, computing replacement value for insurance, and formulas for lease payment increases.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 7:00 p.m. via Zoom.

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