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Membership is the easiest and most effective way for you to strengthen our houseboat community.  

  • Amenities: The FHA purchases many of the necessities for dock life, including shopping carts.

  • Advocacy: The FHA is an effective voice for the floating homes community with local and state elected officials and their staff. Six pieces of California legislation have been sponsored by the FHA and signed into law. Prior legislation sponsored by the FHA has ensured your ability to obtain a title for a floating home, required that Proposition 13 applies to floating homes, and gave us a bill of rights in our relations with the marina owners. The FHA also successfully helped convince state and local governments to designate our homes real property. Prior to 1986, our homes were “vessels” requiring an annual CF number. Result: we can deduct our mortgage payments.

  • Information: Access all the informational resources on this website. If you're a member, create an account or log-in using the 'Members Log-In' at the bottom of the page.

  • Monitoring: The FHA tracks and researches news that may affect our community, including County and BCDC activity. Because of threats of cancellation from insurance companies, the FHA found insurers, including the FAIR Plan that provides relatively inexpensive basic property insurance.

  • News: The FHA publishes the Floating Times and this website to keep you informed of important community updates and neighborhood news.

  • Preparedness: Because our needs are so unique, specialized training is provided by the County Fire Department to ensure we have CERTs on every dock. The FHA has purchased two-way radios, two heavy-duty pumps for sinking houseboats, and maintains an Emergency trailer.

  • Community-minded: The FHA is a member of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce and has donated thousands of dollars to local non-profits, including the Marin City Library, the Sausalito Schools Foundation, Marine Mammal Center and the Sausalito Historical Society.

  • Social: We strengthen our community through FHA-funded dock gatherings, the annual meeting and party.

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Meet your neighbors and help your community! There are so many ways you can get involved.  See the full list by clicking the button below.

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