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Welcome to Floating Home Living

Membership in the Floating Homes Association is how we engage our community in the activities that provide support for our life style, building positive relationships with the larger community and ensuring safety and security for members and neighbors. In order to balance the workload required to maintain an effective volunteer community organization, the FHA board is currently organized into various committees. FHA members or community members at large are encouraged to volunteer for a committee that is of interest to you.

Recognizing that many of you are new or relatively new residents of the floating homes community, listed below some of the major accomplishments of the Floating Homes Association that directly benefit you as a floating home owner. Since 1985, and before that, FHA volunteers have been working effectively to protect our unique community and the rights of the homeowners and residents. Aside from the obvious benefits – the free annual party, a dock activity subsidy, hold, the Floating Times newsletter, website, fire drills, all for a bargain $25 a year – here are some reasons why FHA membership is worthwhile and important to every floating home owner and resident.

Benefits of FHA Membership

SIX pieces of California legislation have been sponsored by the FHA and signed into law. Not too bad for a small, volunteer only organization. Prior legislation sponsored by the FHA has ensured your ability to obtain a title for a floating home, required that Proposition 13 applies to floating homes and gave us a bill of rights in our relations with the marina owners. Without the FHA and the legislation sponsored by it, our community would be very different and certainly far less desirable to live in.

You can deduct your mortgage from your income tax. FHA successfully helped convince state and local governments to designate our homes real property. Prior to 1986, our homes were “vessels” requiring an annual CF number. Result: we can deduct our mortgage payments.
Floating Homeowners Insurance – because of threats of cancellation from insurance companies the FHA found insurers, including the FAIR Plan that provides relatively inexpensive basic property insurance.

Community emergency response – because our needs are so unique, specialized training was provided by the County Fire Department. There are at least two CERTs on every dock. Every dock has been provided with a two-way radio paid for by the FHA. The FHA paid for two heavy-duty pumps for sinking houseboats.

The FHA monitors County Building Codes and regulations on an on-going basis.

The FHA is a viable and effective voice for the floating homes community with local and state government elected officials and their staffs. Maintaining and nurturing communication with our elected officials has been, is and will be crucial to the protection of our property values now and in the future.

The FHA has generated national and international publicity (all positive) for our community through our Annual tour and by working with interested media professionals.

The FHA has donated thousands of dollars to local non-profits, including the Marin City Library, the Sausalito Schools Foundation, Marine Mammal Center and the Sausalito Historical Society.

Pertinent Info for New/Prospective Members including Safety Dos and Dont’s

Join us by filling out the membership application below and paying online:

Renewals:  Please complete the required fields on the application, marked by a red asterisk, and click the PayPal button to renew. Thank you.

The FHA continues to work on the many issues listed in the Membership Benefits and more. We can't do it without your help. Please join by filling out the form below and returning it to the address noted at the bottom of the page. Payment may be made by including a check with your application or go to, click Membership and pay on line. Your email is very important but will only be used for FHA business. If more than one person lives on a floating home, please list the second person's name.

You may also download and complete a membership application and mail your $25 or $65 check, payable to “Floating Homes Association.”

Our address is:

Floating Homes Association
Post Office Box 3054
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Note: You need not own a floating home to be a member of the FHA. The FHA represents all who have an interest in life on the water and preservation of the environment.