Emergency Notification Response


Four years ago, the FHA had put in place an Emergency Notification System (ENS) three years ago. Most of our members elected to participate in this valuable system that allows them to receive important emergency information. The FHA decided that this was needed, because the Marin County ENS (know as “TENS”) had a number of operational issues and problems and as such that we were not confident that it would do the job in an extreme emergency and many emergency response officials agreed with this view.

The good news is Marin County has considerably improved TENS recently. Accordingly the FHA Board of Directors has decided to discontinue the FHA ENS, which will save us a considerable amount of money that we can put to use elsewhere. You can read about TENS in the attached pdf file.

Land line home phones (if you have one) are already on TENS. But if you want a emergency message on your cell or don’t have a home land line, you need to sign up on the County TENS. It is easy. Just go to the county website (see link below) and enter all the cell phone numbers and email info at which you wish to receive emergency alerts and notices.


We were very fortunate that no emergencies occurred that required the FHA ENS to be activated. But we strongly urge you to register your cell phone(s) with the TENS System for future notifications. If you have any questions please contact Ron Moreland at (415) 332-2429 or at [email protected].