The FHA is the primary assemblage of organized water-dwelling volunteers on the Sausalito waterfront. It diligently looks out for floating interests of its community members by actively promoting the dock-life to the larger Bay Area community. It maintains a presence at local and regional political and regulatory meetings, brings the public to the waterfront to mesmerize and inspire them with the magical lifestyle of the residents and supports legislation that is instrumental in protecting the long term viability of this unique community. Considering the diverse number of issues involved in promoting and maintaining the rights of floating homes residents, it is truly astonishing that such a small number of conscientious people can do so much and do it so well!

Below is a partial laundry list of the significant activities carried out by the FHA (if you are a resident and, through some freak accident have neglected to join this most noble organization, please click the link to membership page and remedy that unfortunate situation by signing up HERE. Joining the FHA is really a matter of SELF INTEREST. When you add your dignified name to the list of your friends and neighbors, it makes the organization more legitimate which in turn endows it with more influence to do your bidding in local, statewide and, recently, even national contexts. It’s safe to say that it’s probably the best $25 you’ll ever spend (and that’s not per person, but per HOME!). So please do it now and support the organization that’s supporting you!

Some Facts about the FHA

Many people think that membership simply allows you to participate in dock alerts and the annual meeting, but it is a heck of a lot more than that.


  • Is an advocacy group that helps keep you protected in emergencies by funding a warning system and an emergency trailer.
  • Represents you for legal, environmental and governmental issues.
  • Supports local charities.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to connect and befriend your aqua co-habitators.

A select few of the FHA’s most notable activities:

  • Persuaded State Assembly member Michael Allen to represent a bill, AB2046, and lobbied the California Assembly to pass it. AB2046, which exempts floating homes owners from paying increased property taxes on our docks in the event that we have the chance to purchase them, was passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Governor Brown in late 2012.
  • The FHA also recruited Allen’s elected successor, Assemblyman Marc Levine, to represent us on the next step, a new bill that will further facilitate our ability to buy ourdocks, should one of the current owners want to sell. The law is currently being drafted and will soon begin its way through the various committees of the state assembly.
  • Continually looking for new lenders to provide mortgages for buyers of floating homes.
  • Purchased an Emergency Trailer, equipped with essential items (defibrillator, water, batteries, etc.) for the use of our members during a large emergency such as an earthquake, or major flood or fire.
  • Created a comprehensive Emergency Notification System that will automatically phone all registered FHA members to warn them in case of a natural disaster.
  • Encouraged local recyclers and residents to start a green waste composting effort in the Floating Homes community.
  • Established a “Bay Watch” program to help the Richardson Bay Regional Authority improve the cleanliness of the bay.
  • Represented the community and protested (and reversed) increases in sewage rates.
  • Raised $38,000 through the 2012 annual Floating Homes tour, all of which goes to improving our community through charitable donations to the Marin City Public Library and other worthy organizations.

Aside from the obvious and valuable work carried out by the amazing FHA volunteers, the organization provides a remarkable opportunity for dock residents to meet and develop relationships with their compatriots from other docks. Considering how friendly, creative, accomplished and diverse the people are on each dock, getting to know some of the remarkable residents that reside on different docks it isn’t always the easiest thing to do. And, while it’s not one of the ostensible purposes of becoming a member or a volunteer, it certainly is one of the most richly rewarding fringe benefits. If you’d like to meet the fascinating folks that frequent those ‘other’ (foreign) docks, please consider not only joining the FHA, but volunteering in order to more deeply explore the richness of the place in which we are so fortunate to live.

round-150x150Mission Statement

The Floating Homes Association is a volunteer civic group which represents the interests of the residents of the 400+ homes in five floating home marinas on Richardson Bay. The Association provides information to its members through general membership meetings, individual dock meetings, its Floating Times newsletter, and special notices including emergency warnings, as necessary. Information is also provided to the media, government and regulatory officials, and to the general public.

The FHA does not take stands on issues that are specific to individual persons, marinas or docks, but may be utilized as an information source by residents involved in such issues. The FHA strives to present a unified voice for floating homes residents to regulators, legislators, landlords and other entities, on matters which affect all residents universally, such as health and safety issues.

As a non-profit corporation, the FHA is politically non-partisan, but provides forums for political candidates to learn about our community’s unique needs, and to express their views to residents through the Floating Times and community meetings.

The FHA strives to foster a sense of community among residents through activities such as the annual Waterfront Showcase tour and a yearly membership party. Additionally, the FHA supports social events and group improvement projects on individual docks by sharing costs and helping publicize such events.

FHA volunteers take active roles in Legal, Environmental, Member Services, Public Relations and other committees in pursuit of this mission.